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Introduction to Montenegro


What's the first impression which seized you when you arrive in a country that you do not know? Landscapes, scents or the first inhabitants you cross….Montenegro, it is a little of all that

Belonging to Yugoslavia then of the entity Serbia-Montenegro, Montenegro voted in 2006 its independence and decided to take its distances with its neighbors.

High tourist place, Budva, the Balkan 'Tropez Saint', is one of the jewel with his insane night life during the summer months. Visit there the citadel and get an unspoilable view on the Adriatic sea. The old city bordered of rampart is hiding a small beach, Mogren, where all Budva's youth meet during the summer months.

Near to Budva, and right after the very beautiful beach of Becici, you will find the peninsula of Sveti Stefan which was for a long time the symbol of a 'certain' Montenegro. Today it is converted into an imposing hotel with a casino.


Montenegro Sveti Stefan


Few kilometers from Budva, the upper part of coast is dominated by the stunning Gulf of Kotor, Europe’s southernmost fjord, throughout which are scattered numerous towns and resort. Kotor, a medieval city is registered with the inheritance of UNESCO. Climb the few 1350 steps of the fortress and enjoy the panoramic sight. Admire the old city and the imposing boats in the port.

From Kotor, you will be able to go up the sinuous road which leads to the old royal capital Cetinje.

Cetinje finally… enjoy a long walk between museums and old embassies and let carry out yourself on the tomb of the last official king of Montenegro on the Lovcen mount.


Sveti stefan pres de Budva Montengro


The Mountains

road Mountains Montenegro

On the road to Podgorica, you will find Lake Skadar which is one of the largest bird reserve in Europe, having 270 bird species, (last pelicans in Europe). The lake also welcoming herons and seagulls and is abundant in fish.

Of the 34 native fish species, 7 are endemic to Lake Skadar


Don't miss Biogradska Gora National Park, dotted by glacial lakes and tracts of virgin forest.


One major resort in this part of the country – including winter-sports – is Kolašin, which lies very close to Morača Monastery, bedecked with Byzantine-era frescoes.


Visit the Ostrog Monastery which consists of the Lower Monastery (Donji manastir) and the Upper Monastery (Gornji manastir).

The main draw of the Lower Monastery is the Holy Trinity Church (Crkva Sv Trojice), which dates from 1824.

Don't forget to visit the cave-chapel, constructed in 1774, which contains the wrapped bones of St Basil. To enter you have to be appropriately dressed: covered shoulders and trousers or jeans (and heads for women).