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When arriving in Montenegro, most visitors make an immediate beeline for the magical Montenegrin seaboard, with its multiplicity of enticing resorts and superb beaches.


Charming villages in seaside, wild peaks, old cities and picturesque beaches. How such a small country can propose as much diversity?


Where is Montenegro located? How can I go to Montenegro? Which is the best period to visit Montenegro?


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Facts about Montenegro


Montenegro Surface 13 812 km2
Montenegro Podgorica (42° 47′ N 19° 28′ E)
Officials Langages Montenegrin. Use of the Albanian, Bosnian, Croat and Serb.
Montenegro Population 662 000 
Density 45 p/km2
Currency Euro




In Montenegrin the country’s name is Crna Gora (“Black Mountain”), a translation of which into the Venetian language during the Middle Ages formed the Western name for the country.

Montenegro is an ethnically diverse country, comprising 43 percent Montenegrins, 32 percent Serbs, 8 percent Bosnians, 5 percent Albanians.

In terms of religion, around 75 percent are Orthodox, 18 percent Muslim, 4 percent Catholic.


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Did you know ?

Budva Montenegro english travelThe Dancing Girl Statue in Budva

One of the main attraction in Budva that you might like to see is that of the Dancing Girl Statue. This statue can be found outside of the Old Town on your way to Mogren beach.

There are many different stories about the origins of the statue.

Some of them say the statue is of young girl who drowned here while other stories say that this is just an ordinary statue made to enhance the looks of the city.

It is one of the best spot to take picture of Budva with a panoramic view of the Old Town in background.

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